About The SEE II Corporation


SEE II Air Foil School BusThe SEE II Air Foil was invented because of a serious SAFETY need.  Rear-end accidents with school buses had become common place due to unobservant motorists. These types of accidents were resulting in children sometimes being hurt and the school's insurance rate increasing.  Although rear-end collisions with school buses are not the fault of the bus driver, dirty lights due to snow, dirt and mud build ups are a huge contributing factor in these type of accidents including many backing-up accidents as well.

The SEE II Corporation was formed with children's SAFETY being the primary goal.  Four US patents and two Canadian patents were obtained and by the middle of 1991 the SEE II Corporation was in full production. SEE II has enjoyed brisk sales for the last 22 years and in 2009 we began expanding into other markets such as freight and delivery trucks.  Since this expansion, several large freight and delivery truck manufacturers have been installing and testing foils on their trucks.

Our goal has been, and always will be, to produce the highest quality products possible. SEE II Corporation always remembers that: Tomorrow's Future Depends On Today's SAFETY.